Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gift Ideas for Skull Themed Weddings

Once reserved for weddings occurring around Halloween, Skull themed weddings are becoming more common year round.  From colorful Dia’ de los Muertos  celebrations, to Black & Red Gothic Skull themes, more people are incorporating skulls into their nuptials. 

To celebrate their First Christmas together, Skull Wedding Ornaments are a thoughtful gift for the happy couple.  There are several Skull Wedding Ornaments available in my Etsy Shop.   In addition to the designs currently available, I offer custom ornament designs.  You can contact me through my Etsy Shop or website:  Robyn Warne Designs.


Purple Rose Wedding Skulls Ornament:



Antique Skulls Wedding Ornament:



Red & Black Wedding Skulls Ornament:



Peacock & Fedora Wedding Skulls Ornament Set:


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