Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Hand Painted Baby Ornaments 2016

Custom Hand Painted Baby Ornaments by artist Robyn Warne. Baby portraits hand painted in acrylics on glass ball ornaments.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

2016 New Year - New Look!

A belated Happy New Year to you!  Hope your holidays were healthy and fun!  Time to get moving on 2016!

Robyn Warne Designs Website Update

If you've visited my website within the past couple of weeks, you might have noticed some changes.  I've been wanting to update the site for quite awhile, and have finally taken the plunge now that the holiday rush is over.

It's a bit more streamlined than the old site, and optimized for mobile.  It is a work in progress, so if you cannot find a page you might have bookmarked - you can always contact me via email, Facebook or through my Etsy shop!

Baby Ornaments 2015

New Designs & Custom Design Ordering Tips

Last year was a fun one design wise!  I introduced many new stock designs that were well received.  My goal for this year is to get more of those done and available in the shop! 

New Baby Rocking Horse Ornaments 2015

Custom designed ornaments were also in demand.  I had to move my cutoff date up by a month from 9/15 to early August!  I know it's not easy thinking about Christmas gifts in the Spring!  I'm not a shop ahead kind of person myself! ;)  BUT - if you really need to have that special ornament for Christmas this year - then you'll want to get on the list by May or June. 

Texas Helicopter Ornament

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gift Ideas for Skull Themed Weddings

Once reserved for weddings occurring around Halloween, Skull themed weddings are becoming more common year round.  From colorful Dia’ de los Muertos  celebrations, to Black & Red Gothic Skull themes, more people are incorporating skulls into their nuptials. 

To celebrate their First Christmas together, Skull Wedding Ornaments are a thoughtful gift for the happy couple.  There are several Skull Wedding Ornaments available in my Etsy Shop.   In addition to the designs currently available, I offer custom ornament designs.  You can contact me through my Etsy Shop or website:  Robyn Warne Designs.


Purple Rose Wedding Skulls Ornament:



Antique Skulls Wedding Ornament:



Red & Black Wedding Skulls Ornament:



Peacock & Fedora Wedding Skulls Ornament Set:


Friday, February 21, 2014

Wedding Season is Upon Us!

Even though we’ve been buried in weekly snow storms since Christmas, thoughts are turning to Spring and Summer weddings. 

Custom Bubble Gum Pink Bridesmaid Dress Ornaments Custom Purple and Silver Maid and Matron of Honor Dress Ornaments

Wedding celebrations have changed a lot since I got married back in the day!   Brides and Grooms today choose wedding themes that reflect their personal style and interests.  Every detail helps to tell the story of their life together. 

Bridal party dress ornaments are a gift option for the bride looking for a beautiful, handmade, personalized gift to share with her bridal party.

Custom Navy Blue Bridal Party Dress Ornament Set Custom Dark Purple and Lilac Bridal Party Dress Ornament Set

Dress ornaments can be painted to match your wedding colors, and personalized with attendant’s names and the wedding date. Stock designs for a short and long dress option are available.

   Custom Guava Bridal Party Dress OrnamentsCustom Sunflower Yellow Bridal Party Dress OrnamentsCustom Long Cranberry Bridesmaid Dress Ornament 

For a one of a kind gift, custom dress (and suit!) ornaments can be created. Designs can be hand painted on traditional glass ornaments or made into a custom wood cutout ornament.

Custom Stapless Purple Maid of Honor Dress Ornaments

Custom wedding ornaments are becoming a popular and thoughtful gift for the parents of the bride and groom as well!  A lasting memento of your special day, that will become a part of your Christmas celebrations for years to come.

Custom Father and Mother of the Bride Ornaments Custom Mother of the Bride Navy Dress Ornament Custom Glass Mother of the Bride and Groom Dress Ornaments

Custom ornaments for your wedding can be ordered from my Etsy Shop and website.  Spots fill up quickly so be sure to order at least 12 weeks ahead of time! 

There is a September 15th cutoff for custom ornament orders.  So if you have a Fall or Winter wedding, or would just like to gift your bridal party at Christmas – plan on ordering no later than August! 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ornament Gift Ideas – Part 2

Wickedly cute Sweet 16 and Skull ornament designs for your special girl – or treat yourself!

Candy Stripe Skullz Ornament -  Drama Queen:Candy Stripe Skullz Ornament - Drama Queen

Does she have a flair for the dramatic?  This Royal Skull wearing a ruby & pearl studded gold crown surrounded by pink zebra stripes would be perfect.  Hand painted design on a white 3 1/4” diameter glass ornament. 

Pink Sweet Sixteen Cake Ornament:Pink Sweet Sixteen Cake Ornament

Is she a romantic with a strong sense of style?  A delicious,  Sweet Sixteen Cake design with a trendy asymmetric shape is a good choice.  Pink, black & white patterned cake is hand painted on a 3 1/4” pink metallic finish glass ornament, embellished with fun swirls and a silver and black ruffled border.

Candy Skullz – Pink Zebra Cutie Pie Ornament:Cany Skullz - Pink Zebra Cutie Pie Ornament

Does she prefer cute with a harder edge? The newest design in the Candy Skullz line if for your rocker.  Cutie Pie Skull is wearing a hot pink bow surrounded by a black and silver studded border. Dramatic pink, black & silver zebra design is hand painted on a 3 1/4” diameter glass ornament.   The back has an area for personalizing.

These are all hand painted one of a kind designs, get them before they are gone!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Ornaments – Danse Macabre’

It’s that spooky time of year, the days are getting shorter and cooler.  Leaves are starting to fall, and the dance is about to begin.

The Danse Macabre’ Collection is a set of ballerina ornaments dressed in Halloween themed outfits and makeup.  So far, there are three designs – The Clown (already sold), The Ghost, and The Skeleton. 

Each has their own unique charm, from their hair and makeup:

Danse Macabre' Ornaments Face details 

To their dresses:

Danse Macabre' Ornaments Dress details

Slippers and accessories:

Danse Macabre' Ornaments Slipper details

Hand painted on 1/4” thick wood cutouts, they will bring a touch of mystery to your Halloween or Christmas decor.  Only 1 of each design will be made.

 The Ghost and The Skeleton are waiting for you! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ornament Gift Ideas – Part 1

I was going to call this post “For the Boys”, but robots, space & horses appeal to both boys and girls after all!

For little boys (or girls!) - The Blue Bay Rocking Horse Ornament. This design can be personalized with name & birth date.

Blue Rocking Horse Ornament

Space, the final frontier! There are 3 designs in the Red Planet Ornament Set, all are available in my Etsy Shop.  Each has a vibrant red bottom on a frosted glass ornament.  Designs are painted on the the front & back.

Red Planet Space Ornament Set

The Little Robot Ornament is great choice for boys or girls!  He has a retro charm that some adults might also want on their tree!  Robot is on the front, and the back has room to be personalized with a name and date.

Little Robot Ornament

Until next time!  All ornaments are available in limited quantities – get yours before it’s gone!