Friday, May 10, 2013

Skull Wedding Ornaments for your Halloween or Dia de Los Muertos themed wedding.

Skulls are everywhere these days!  Clothes, decorative accessories for the home and as a wedding theme.  

I made my first set of Wedding Skull ornaments in 2009.  At the time, I wasn’t sure if there would be an interest in skulls on a Christmas ornament.  They were in my store for awhile before they were discovered. 

Wedding Skull Ornament Set 2009 

When they were gone, I decided to create at least one set of Wedding Skulls a year.  Each set would be unique in some way, whether it was their accessories, faces or ornament color. 

To date there have been 6 sets of Skull Wedding ornaments.  My latest offering is called Peacock & Fuchsia Skull Wedding Ornament Set, named for the feathers in the skull bride’s headpiece and the color of the glass ornament.  Like the others that have come before, the set is one of a kind!

Skull Wedding Ornament Set 2012

This year I’ve also tried something new, a larger 3 1/4” glass ball ornament with a portrait of both the Skull Bride & Groom together. 

The ornament is painted in shades of silver, pearl & cream covered in a glittering finish.  Surrounded by a black & white border, it has a vintage, monochromatic elegance and simplicity. 

Till Death Skull Wedding Ornament 2013

TD_Skull Bride Ornament side view

TD Skull Groom Ornament side view

Named “Grey Elegance Skull Wedding Ornament” for the color scheme, it is available for purchase in the store. And is of course, one of a kind!

If time allows I will add more Wedding Skull ornaments to the collection.  And I do take custom requests!  So if you are planning a Skull themed wedding, or have an anniversary coming up this year. Contact me and make your First Christmas together as unique as your wedding!

  Custom ornament orders are taken through September 15th.  So order early!

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