Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Behind the Scenes – Creating a Bridal Party Dress Ornament


There are several steps involved to take this wood cutout from plain wood to a beautiful gift for your attendants! 

Step 1:  Prep work - Sand the ornaments.

Wood cutout dress ornaments

Step 2:  Prep work part 2 – Gesso (prime) the ornaments.

Wood dress ornaments - primed

Step 3:  Mix dress color.

Dress paint swatches

Step 4: Paint - this step takes the longest!  There is the base coat then the detail work with shading, highlighting etc. to get them looking just right.

Dress ornaments base coated

Step 5 & 6:  Adding the personalization details after the painting is done.  Then varnishing!  The finish really brings out the depth of color in the final ornament.

Green Bridal Party Dress Ornaments - finished

Step 7:  Pack & ship your unique keepsake for your bridal party!

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