Friday, August 17, 2012

Things that Go – Pink & Red Car Ornaments

Two of life’s important milestones – turning 16 & going off to college, are associated with cars. 

Getting that driving permit at sixteen was an exciting event in my house!  And some lucky kids even get a car to celebrate that special birthday.  Whether or not your Sweet Sixteen received a real car or not, you can mark the occasion with a hand painted ornament with a cute little pink car on it!

Sweet Sixteen Pink Car Ornament

Each ornament is personalized with a name & the year is painted on the license plate!  The Sweet Ride pink car ornament can be purchased in the store.


Going off to college is a new milestone for us!  It has inspired my latest car ornament – Going 2 College:

Going 2 College Red Car Ornament

The vibrant blue ornament with red car work for guys & girls. Your graduate’s name can be added, along with the year & school name!  The Going 2 College red car ornament can be purchased in the store.

Both ornament designs are individually hand painted on standard sized 2 5/8” glass ornaments with acrylics.  They are protected with a water based sealer, each one is signed & dated. 

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