Wednesday, April 20, 2011

It's Never too Early!

Spring is here, Earth Day, Easter & Mother's Day are right around the corner.  So, why would you be thinking about Christmas ornaments now?   I realize that most of you won't be, but here in the studio, it really is Christmas all year round!

I had the privilege of painting lots of cool ornaments for some amazing & patient customers - THANK YOU!   Wedding ornaments, particularly Couple Portraits were pretty popular! 

Custom Dancing Wedding Couple Ornament 

Some of my other custom wood cutout design requests were for a Great White Shark, a portrait of a Horse & Rider - set of 2, a Showgirl Portrait - set of 4.   Custom glass ornament requests included a travel ornament that incorporated 4 destinations illustrated with 7 designs, a restaurant franchise picture and set of 4 ornaments for a group of shopping buddies.


Custom wood cutout ornament - Great White Shark 
 Custom wood cutout ornament - horse and rider.
Custom Portrait Ornament -  wood cutout - Showgirl Portrait   Custom Glass ornament - couple's travel destinations
 Custom Glass ornament - WOW franchise Custom Glass ornament set - San Fransistas

I had a blast designing and painting each and every one of these ornaments!  However,  the number of orders I received made me realize just how much time it takes to create them. 

To ensure that each order gets the attention it deserves, I made the decision to move my custom order cutoff date up
to November 5th, 2011
- 6 weeks before Christmas.

Custom ornament requests made after the cutoff date will be taken, however I cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas.  

It's hard to predict how busy the season will be, so please order early!   When you submit an enquiry, I can give you a time estimate based on the number and complexity of the orders I'm currently working on.   

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Christy Hartman said...

Your ornaments are amazing and I am so impressed with the personality that shows through with each ornament. I check your blog often to see the wonderful things that you paint.