Wednesday, February 2, 2011

From Start to Finish

Coming up for some air.  It's been a whirl of drawing, painting, packaging and shipping the last 2 months! 

I want to thank everyone that purchased an ornament for 2010 - you're the best!  

Would you like a peek into a custom design as it is created?

After the request, I create a pencil sketch.  The sketch helps me work out design details, composition etc.  If the design is based on a photo and none of the colors are being changed, a gray scale pencil sketch is done for the client's approval.  

Puppy Ornament pencil sketch

The next step depends on whether the design is for a glass or wood ornament.  This design was for a glass ball ornament, so after prepping, the main design elements are drawn.

Drawing on a round surface is challenging!  This step sometimes takes the longest!

Puppy ornament before painting

Then comes the fun part - painting the design!  This is the finished ornament. 

Puppy with Pumpkins Ornament

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