Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Away We Go....Christmas 2010!

Christmas ornament painting is well under way here in the studio! Biker Santa Ornament









I paint ornaments all year, usually for Weddings, Sweet Sixteen's and Baby Gifts.  But October is when things really get busy!

I'm working on some great custom ornament orders right now and thought you'd might like a sneak peek into my studio to see where the Christmas magic happens! 

This is where I take ideas and create my hand painted ornaments!  Not very glamorous is it?  My studio is a great example of recycling and reusing old furniture and objects from around the house.

My husband built the paint/supply cart for me.  The tables to the side of my drafting table are old relics of his Grandparents, a metal cart & cabinet from the 50's that hold supplies.

Studio Picture

My command center  a.k.a.  my drafting table!  I think it's considered an antique now - I've had it since high school.

The command center

You can see some of my DIY and "make-do" innovations!  The ornament rod where I hang ornaments to dry in between painting for instance was a temporary fix that's become permanent because it works so well! 

The remote is for my radio which is off in the corner with finished ornaments, it's also my shipping area.  This area is completely recycled, mostly with stuff from no longer being used in the rest of the house.

Corner of studio

OK - got to get back to work! Thanks for stopping by! 

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