Monday, July 5, 2010

Cinderella & Snow White Ornaments - A tale of two designs that changed over time.

I recently started painting the remaining blanks for my Fairy Tale Ornament Collection.  My first thought was - I don't paint like that anymore! My style has changed and my technique has evolved in the 7 years since I first created the designs. 

My Cinderella Ornament originally had brown eyes and hair and was wearing a pearl gray Empire style gown.  I wanted her to have a more elaborate gown, so I added a sash and a second lace-trimmed layer to her skirt. White over the elbow length gloves and a glittery gold mask complete her new look.

Cinderella Ornament 2003 Cinderella Ornament 2010

The changes to my Snow White Ornament are mainly to her dress.  I wanted the dress to look more like a medieval style "princess" dress.  Snow White  is now wearing a  pink & gold floral brocade gown over a white chemise.  I like the combination of an old-fashioned dress design done with modern colors.

Snow White Ornament 2003 Snow White Ornament 2010

I'm working on the Pumpkin Coach Ornaments now.  I'll post pictures when they are done! 

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