Saturday, May 15, 2010

Halloween Ballerina Ornaments - Design Quest

The challenge - 6 large ballerina ornament blanks I never painted because I fell out of love with my original design. 

What to do with them? I played around with the idea of creating some kind of set, like Alice in Wonderland or Wizard of Oz characters.  Besides not being original, I was restricted by using my pre-made cutouts, I was locked into a single silhouette for each design. 

I settled on doing a Halloween theme, and have narrowed down the choices to these 6 designs:

These are the Clown, Witch & Ghost Ballerina Ornaments:

Clown, Witch & Ghost Ballerina Ornaments

These are the Skeleton, Scarecrow & Zombie Ornaments:

Skeleton, Scarecrow & Zombie Ballerina Ornaments

Thank you to Jeanne for voting in my poll & suggesting the Scarecrow design!

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