Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random thoughts about new designs.

I've been coming up with so many great little doodles in my sketchbook lately. The challenge though is - what do I do with them now? 

Some of my sketches make it to a finished piece, others languish, because I cannot envision them as full color paintings.  There is something mysterious about a gray toned pencil sketch or a black & white ink drawing that gets lost once you render it in color.  At least I think so! 

I might try and do some monochromatic paintings for this Dark Carnivale line I've been thinking about doing. It is a combination of bright, gaudy, flashy color with dark, sepia, candle lit mystery. Pretty vague - huh?  It's the beginning of an idea, it's still intangible, so it's hard to describe.  It will be interesting to see how it works out!

Working on a new design - even I can't say what the final product is going to look like the first time I paint it.  As the painting progresses, I'm making little changes based on how it's coming out.  If I'm planning on reproducing the design, I'll write down the colors & paint mixes as I go along.  I'll add paint swatches to my notes so that I'll be able to replicate the result.  

Now to get back to work!   


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