Saturday, February 13, 2010

Painting the Skull Jacket - A Quick Review

You can see how the design changed from the sketch, which had a huge bow & banner over the skull:


To how I painted it on the jacket - I wanted the focus to be the skull & roses, so I made adjustments when I drew the design on the jacket.

Step 1 - Sketched the design on the jacket with a white charcoal pencil - then when over the charcoal with opaque white Createx Airbrush Paint. Some shading was achieved by varying the number of coats to each area:

skull jacket step 1

Step 2 - Colors were chosen as I went along. I started by coloring the roses dark pink and the bow blue.  The colors I used were transparent - Createx Airbrush Colors, so the under painting shows through:

skull jacket step 2

Step 3 - The ribbon around the main design was painted turquoise blue. I deepened the color of the roses, added some shading & highlighting to the stems and leaves.  Continued to color in the skull & banner with white to make more solid looking. Added a little bit of blue shading to the banner.

skull jacket step 3

Step 4 -  Used violet to deep the shading below the bow. Shaded the skull with violet & blue. Added some more shading to the roses.  At this point I was pretty much done.

skull jacket step 4

Step 5 = Finished! I added some highlights to the squiggles around the ribbon. Put some random silver dots around the design to add some sparkle (this is a girl's jacket!) The word on the banner was suggested by the recipients Dad - it's the title of her favorite song. 

skull jacket final step 5

Painting on fabric was a fun change from my usual work! It's bigger, so I don't get bogged down in tiny detail work.  The paints blend with each other as you apply them on fabric, there is less room for error, but more room for "happy accidents"!  

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