Recycled Light bulb Ornaments

Painting on light bulbs is a good way to experiment with painting on glass.  If you are still fazing out the incandescent light bulbs in your house  it is inexpensive as well. 

I've had several laying around the studio for awhile, and decided to just paint them already!  The penguins are based on a pattern of Deb Malewski's that was in the Winter 2007  Ornament Issue of Quick & Easy Painting, called Pretty in Pink.

Penquin Light bulb Ornaments 

If you have this issue you'd see that I changed some of the colors & details on the scarves to match the fabric I had for the hats.  The plaid coat is my design.  It's not exactly like the pattern - but they're still  cute!

Glass painting tip:  When painting a design that is going to cover the entire surface like these ornaments, I've found that it's easier to pounce the glass primer on with a make-up sponge than to brush it on with a paint brush.  For the light bulbs I used J.W. Etc.'s Undercover Primer.  

My last light bulb is an original monkey design.  The sky & sand go all the way around the light bulb.  It's a bright cheery design that would be good as a birthday ornament I think.

Monkey Light bulb Ornament


Hi Robyn,
Ah, your light bulbs are very cute.
I do remember seeing these some time ago.
Your monkey one is also very cute.
Thanks for the tip on sealing glass.
Unknown said…
Robyn--you did a great job on the "Pretty in Pink" light bulb ornaments--but the hula monkey one is FANTASTIC!! Great design! Thanks for posting this on your blog!