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Party Favor Ornaments - Free Pattern

Party Favor Ornaments by Robyn Warne Designs 2009

A quick and easy project that can easily be customized to go with your event!

Use ornaments and ribbon that match your party theme colors.

You could add the date & guest’s name to personalize it!

Put them in a little bag with some chocolates & you’ve got an original handmade favor that will make your party memorable!

Copyright Notice

My patterns are for personal use. You can paint items for gifts, or in small quantities for sale. You may not reproduce the actual pattern or instructions for sale or redistribution. Teachers can make one copy of the pattern per student - making sure my name and copyright notice are intact.

Supplies Needed:

  • 1 ½ inch diameter ornaments were used in the project
  • Ribbon
  • Folk Art Glass & Tile Medium
  • Acrylic Paint *
  • Deco Art Craft Twinkles – Silver (glitter paint)
  • Delta Interior/Exterior Gloss Polyurethane

*Note about paints –

I used a glass painting medium to prep the painting area then used my regular acrylic paints for the design. 2 coats of gloss polyurethane protect will protect the painted area. If you craft regularly – most likely you have acrylic paint. There is no need to buy special paint to create your ornaments!

The colors & brands of the paint I used to paint the designs are listed below. I’ve included color swatches you can use to find a match in your paint stash or to mix colors yourself! The designs are so small you really do not need to purchase a particular color or brand – use what you have!

Colors Used:

Black - Delta

Burnt Umber - Liquitex

Calypso Blue - Deco Art

Magnolia White - Delta

Oyster Pearl - Deco Art

Red Violet - Deco Art (this is a red-purple)

Red Violet - Folk Art (this is a blue-purple)

Favor Patterns & Color Swatches

Note about brushes –

I like white nylon or golden taklon brushes for painting on glass. They hold their shape well and the bristles are fine and don’t leave ridge marks, which tend to be more noticeable on glass than on wood. The important thing is to have your paint at the right consistency – like heavy cream. If it is too thick it will not go on smoothly. Build up your colors in thin layers & remember to let dry between steps to prevent lifting!

You will need a basic assortment of brush sizes -

  • small flat for base coating (size 4 or 6)
  • small rounds for painting the elements (size 2, 4, 6 are good)
  • stylus or old brush for applying glitter paint

Prepping the surface & transferring the design pattern

The ornaments are primed with Folk Art Glass & Tile Medium. Apply in a circle shape to the front of the ornament (only on the design area). Let dry.

Base coat the background area with Magnolia White, you may need 2 thin coats for even coverage. It does not need to be perfect because the areas not covered by the design will get a layer of pearl paint.

I find it a lot easier to copy the pattern free hand onto the ornament with a pencil rather than tracing & transferring onto the round surface.

If you do not feel comfortable doing this you can try this method to transfer the pattern:

  • First trace the design onto tracing paper. Flip the tracing over & go over the lines with pencil. If you are transferring onto a dark background a white charcoal pencil or chalk will show up better.
  • Cut the tracing out, cut slits into the paper going around the outer edge of the tracing (like rays of a sun) to help it conform to the round surface.
  • The tricky part is holding onto the tracing while you go over the lines. Taping isn’t really practical – I place the ornament on a soft surface and hold the tracing with my index finger at the top & thumb at the bottom of the tracing. With a stylus, I go over the lines of the design working from the center outwards. That way you do not have to re-position the fingers holding the design down. I sometimes use this method if I want to make sure I get the main outlines of a design down or positioned – then I will free hand the details.

Round Ornament Tips

It helps to have somewhere to lay the ornament face up when waiting for the Glitter border & polyurethane to dry. I’ve used an egg carton & apple sauce cups as drying stations!

Painting the Designs

Glam Sunglasses & Pearls

Glam Sunglasses & Pearls Glass Ornament

  • Frames - are painted Black, when dry add Magnolia White highlights.
  • Pearls – if you need a guideline – lightly draw a line for the necklace, the pearls are dotted on with either a stylus or old round paint brush and Oyster Pearl. When dry, a highlight dot is added with Magnolia White.
  • Lenses – thin Burnt Umber with enough water to make a transparent wash (not watery!) Color in the lens area. When dry add highlights with Magnolia White.
  • Background – Mix Oyster Pearl + Calypso Blue (T), go over the background around the design area, you may need 2 coats for coverage. Add a touch of Red Violet (Folk Art) to the background mix and float lightly around the outside edge of design and stipple some around the design.

Born to Shop Shoes & Bag

Born to Shop Glass Ornament

  • Shoe - is painted Red Violet (Deco Art), when dry add highlights with Magnolia White.
  • Bag – is painted Black, you need 2 light coats for coverage – let the right side edge stay lighter looking with only 1 coat. When dry add some dots with the Deco Art Craft Twinkles.
  • Background - Mix Oyster Pearl + Calypso Blue (T), go over the background around the design area, you may need 2 coats for coverage. Add a touch of Red Violet (Folk Art) to the background mix and float lightly around the outside edge of design. Add some shading under the shoe & bag with the background mix + touch of black.

XOXO – Love Ya

XOXO - Love Ya Glass Ornament

  • XOXO – is painted with Black.
  • Lips – are painted with Red Violet (Deco Art). An easy way to add form to the lips is to paint highlights with Magnolia White following the curve of the upper & lower lip, let dry then go over the area with a wash of Red Violet. Let dry, then add highlights dots with Magnolia White. The open part of the mouth is painted Black.
  • Background - Mix Oyster Pearl + Calypso Blue (T), go over the background around the design area, you may need 2 coats for coverage. Add a touch of Red Violet (Folk Art) to the background mix and stipple lightly around the outside edge of design. When dry add some dots throughout the design with Deco Art Craft Twinkles.

Finishing the Ornaments

  • Using a stylus or old paint brush go around the outside edge of the design with Deco Art Craft Twinkles. You want to tap, not brush on! This will give the design a nice sparkly border. Let dry before finishing.
  • Give the design area 2 coats of Delta’s Gloss Indoor/Outdoor Polyurethane to protect & give a high gloss to the design!
  • Add your ribbon of choice when dry – enjoy!

If you have any questions regarding this design you can contact me at: info [at]

Have fun painting!

Robyn Warne Designs

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