Saturday, December 6, 2008

Masks and Moons

Those are the ornaments my gang picked to adorn our little "drama tree" this year.  These ornaments are from my air-dry clay playing days.  Bejeweled Flapper Mask Ornament  The masks all started with a sculpey doll face mold. This is my flapper inspired mardi gras mask.








And my carnivale mask: 

Carnivale Mask ornament

An experiment with the eyes left in:

Flirt Mask ornament

My kids think this is the creepiest one, it does look sort of like an ancient funeral mask:

Drama Mask ornament

The moons were made with a moon shaped cookie cutter - then I added little 3D noses and lips.  Each one looked like it was singing!  Weird but cute.

Singing Moon ornament

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