Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tip for painting round glass ornaments

I am working on painting a set of  glass Christmas ornaments, which is a little out of my comfort zone.  I have painted some in the past, but not with a design that needs to be symmetrical.  I received a lot of good tips from one of my online painting group members - Tole Friends

One suggestion was to use pieces of a measuring tape, or a flexible ruler to measure & line up elements on the surface.  Since one of my girls borrowed & did not return my tape measure ( and deciding to make do instead of hunting for it!)

I discovered this disposable velcro strip I had saved from lettuce I purchased at the grocery store.  ornie_tip It was perfect!  It clings to itself so there is no need to hold it while marking the ornament! 





I had a strip running around the middle of the ornament, then stuck a smaller piece on top to use as a grid for my design - how great is that?  ornie_tip2









I had to stop painting & share with everyone!!  If your grocery store does not use this tape - don't despair yet!  I have seen rolls of it in my local CVS store in the hardware/household items section.   Back to painting!

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